Residental Solar Panels
Commercial Solar Panels


Solar BearWe at Solar Bear provide solar hot water, solar pool heating and solar space heating. We are the valley's only local source for solar systems.

We specialize in commercial and residential applications. If you have a clear south facing wall or roof, you are a candidate for solar savings. The solar savings include 30% tax credit for all commercial systems and up to $2000.00 for residential systems.

We offer three types of systems. (1) solar space heating, (2) solar hot water, and (3) solar pool heating.

Solar space heating will heat an area from a small addition to a large warehouse. This system uses Sunsiaray panels and can significantly cut energy usages.

Solar hot water heating uses our vacuum tube collectors and a special solar hot water tank to warm the domestic hot water in a building. The system can provide up to 80% of the hot water needs during the year. This is our most versatile system. It can not only heat domestic water but also hot water for augmenting the boiler, snow melting, process heating, pool heating, and spa heating.

Solar pool heating uses special collectors to heat pool water. This system can extend the swimming season up to three months. This system requires no maintenance, has no moving parts and is not affected by pool chemicals. The existing pump and filter power the system. This system can reach payback in as little as 3 years. After that you swim free.


Solar Panel ApplicationsSolar Pool Heating Diagram